Sunday, September 15, 2019

When you are feeling knotted by fear’s tensions

Generosity that comes from a place of love actually enriches us, not just the people to whom we are generous. 

It’s a potent vaccine that inoculates us against unworthiness and disconnection. Even when our gifts are not reciprocated the way we hope them to be, or at all. Nobody can hinder us from the joy and meaning we experience during the process. 

Spezzano’s psychology research on the unconscious patterns of heartbreak hypothesized that we cannot be rejected unless we are trying to take something. If we only want to give, we can’t be pushed away. If we only want to give, people’s response doesn’t matter, or at least, it doesn’t disappoint us. 

That’s the power of generosity. When it’s clean, when it’s expressed without condition or strings or expectations, there are no losers in the exchange. The process is what rewards us, not the result it has on others. 

And the good news is, our gifts do not wilt when they are seemingly unnoticed. The generous among us are not fools who are easily taken advantage of. 

We are the recipients. We are the benefactors. We are the ones who feel fully alive and connected when we extend our hand to the world. Other people may or may not enjoy or even notice what we have to give, and that’s okay, because our hearts are the ones that are full. 

Matthews sings a beautiful lyric about this:

If you give, you begin to live. If you give, you get the world. But you might die trying. 

Next time your most generous intentions are feeling knotted by fear’s tensions, try giving yourself away anyway. 

It’s an infinite game with one team and no losers. 

How do you feel when you know that you have given yourself utterly to the world?

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Scott Ginsberg
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