Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Somebody farts an idea and get five million dollars

Value comes from volume. 

The best way to a good idea is to have a lot of ideas. 

And so, the question is not whether we finish what we start, but whether or not we start enough things to eventually find something worth finishing. 

Even if our boss complains that he can’t have every deadbeat on the payroll pestering him with their idiotic brain waves, we still can’t allow the fear of failure corrupt any new action. 

In fact, sometimes the pressure to finish everything we start leads to procrastination and perfectionism and apprehension, or worse yet, quitting before we even start. What’s more, sometimes get so focused on reaching the finish line that we don't take the time to reward ourselves for what we have already achieved so far. 

Arendt’s philosophy of labor comes to mind, which is that each person is free to make new and meaningful beginnings in both thought and action. Reminding us that there might be a monster lurking in the shadows looking to devour our initiative capacities, but there is still no upside to not taking the first step. 

Just keeping starting things. Trust that whatever will finish, will finish. Resist the urge to chastise yourself for not shipping every idea that pops into your brain. And accept that no action ever attains its intended goal anyway. 

Finishing ideas may very well be the safest future we can have, but the joy and exhilaration of initiating lots and lots of ideas counts for much more than we realize. 

Are you starting enough things to eventually find something worth completing?
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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
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