Monday, January 22, 2018

Preserving my younger self in amber

When I see people walking around like this world was theirs for the taking, here’s what the curmudgeon in me wants to say. 

I’m sad that your innocence is not going to last. 

I’m sorry that somebody somewhere is going to do something to you that’s going to wipe the smile off your face. 

I dread the day when somebody tries to steal all of your hungry youth juice and then send you out into the world to get your heart broken again. 

I lament the fact that when you finally lose your innocence, a huge chunk of the way you view the world is going to disappear. 

To quote the famous attorney:

I’m not crazy, I’m not paranoid, I’m experienced. 

Take advantage of the courage of being young. Use your illusions while you still have them. Fracture not the covenant with your youthful dreams. Stand in graceful surrender of your youth. Make the triumph of confidence over cynicism and boldness over blandness. And don’t be afraid to indulge your most romantic fantasies, even if they are odds with the cold facts of reality. 

Because the older we get, the more our life is written in pen, not pencil. Swimming upstream against the tide of cynicism can be existentially exhausting, and our energy is too valuable not to be invested in more meaningful endeavors. 

I don’t really have a point here. All I know is that when I was young, all I wanted to do was grow up. 

And now that I’ve accomplished that goal, part of me still wants to preserve my younger self in amber. 

Do you remember when you were young and the world was still in front of you?
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Scott Ginsberg
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