Sunday, December 10, 2017

You read the writing on the stall

A friend of mine runs the call center for a nonprofit that has millions of members worldwide. 

In order to get all of her employees on the same page, she implemented an internal program called tissue issues. Every morning before her team shows up for work, leaders hang up support reports the on the bathroom stalls and walls. 

That way, every employee from every department has no choice but to be consistently exposed to the current challenges their community is facing. 

They literally read the writing on the wall. Or in this case, stall.

From a service standpoint, this is a brilliant tool for keeping users top of mind. But also from a creativity standpoint, it’s a brilliant tool for generating innovative solutions to problems. 

After all, answering the call of nature tends to be the most productive part of a person’s day. There’s just something special about the process of going to the toilet that sparks the imagination. The combination of quietude, isolation and complete lack of distraction works to our advantage. 

Because we have to relax our bodies, otherwise nothing will happen. 

And so, this contained experience, which is difficult to recreate when we’re running around the office all day, primes our mental processes and allows the brain to slip into an alpha wave state in which creative ideas can emerge. 

The challenge, then, isn’t to decorate our bathroom walls with daily printouts of how our company is doing. 

But to think about creative ways to leverage those little moments where our brains might be most receptive to inspiration. 

Where do you get your best ideas? 

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Scott Ginsberg
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