Friday, June 09, 2017

Step out of your mental nightmare and into the real world

Each one of us has a thief inside of our heads, threatening to steal away our joy. 

And it’s our responsibility to turn our backs on it, starve it of oxygen and let it die on its own. 

Otherwise it won’t stop until it sucks us in and drags us down into the darkness. '

The problem is, this is an unnatural process for which we have limited tools and training. We have fewer skills than our psychological environment demands. And nobody teaches us how to physically step out of our mental nightmare and into the real world. 

They do, however, model it. Because regardless of where we live, everywhere we look, there are individuals consciously pursuing joy. All we have to do is watch and learn. To notice the absence of expectation and judgment and justification in people’s joyful behaviors, and then honestly ask ourselves what were doing the last time we felt the same way. 

The world is a mirror. And it’s our best defense against the thief. 

Look, I know we’re supposed to shit ourselves with fear, but the reality is, life is just so goddamned wonderful, we won’t even believe it. 

And the best part is, there are a thousand names for joy. And each person has the equipment to shout those names from the rooftop. 

Is there really something wrong with you, or are you just a little joy insufficient? 

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