Friday, February 03, 2017

The unquantifiable component of human value

Body image therapists often encourage their patients to avoid stepping on the scale. 

Not out of denial or fear or compulsion, but because psychologists know something most people don’t. 

Weighing yourself will never make you feel better about your body. Ever. 

That’s the problem with a scale. It’s like boarding a sinking ship. It’s not a metric for a person’s value and beauty. It’s just a number on a screen. 

Of course, the scale is not the real issue here. Because it’s not about weight, it’s about worthiness. 

Remember, the whole world is based on making you feel bad about yourself, so it can sell you what will make you feel good about yourself. Our culture has conditioned itself to only value the calculable. 

If it don’t make dollars, it don't make sense. 

That which can be measured is accepted, while that which evades measuring instructions is at best ignored, at worst denied. 

Is it a surprise that the body scale business is a ten million dollar a year industry? 

The point is, not every human activity can be comfortably quantified. Each of us has gifts that can’t be measured or properly acknowledged. And so, instead of seeking validation and approval though insignificant metrics like some mercurial number on a screen, seek internal, subjective measures about your worthiness. 

Tune into how you’re really feeling about yourself. 

When was the last time stepping on the scale made you feel better about your body? 

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