Monday, December 26, 2016

Honesty may be a virtue, but earnesty is a victory

When we’re willing to be intentional and enthusiastic and sincere and thoughtful and most of all, human, about the work we do, it’s hard for people to turn it down. Or walk away. It’s just so damn unexpected. 

I’ve been wearing a nametag twenty four seven for the past seventeen years. And not a day goes by without a complete stranger either asking me why I’m wearing it, or simply saying hello as we cross paths. 

It never gets old. And what’s fascinating about these encounters is, the moment I pause to look people in the eye, smile and respond to them with an answer that’s nothing less than completely earnest, their entire demeanor shifts. I can literally see their face and body and energy change because of this brief interaction. 

Which doesn’t make me a hero, just a human. 

But that, to me, is a victory. Especially in a world that is growing increasingly disconnected, cynical and cold, earnesty is always the best policy. It’s the one thing people don’t want to admit they want from each other. 

Not authenticity or staying grounded or keeping it real or walking in your truth or whatever other bullshit corporate buzzword is selling books at the airport these days. 

Earnesty. It’s not a strategy, it’s the default setting of the human heart. 

As opposed to what happens when the ego is working overtime to sound cool. 

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