Sunday, July 03, 2016

That fear became fuel in my tank

Most people get scared and stop. 

They try something once or twice or even five times, and the moment the fear begins to soak their back, they convince themselves that they’re not good enough and their dream was stupid and the world doesn’t need their uniqueness and they were never going to make it anyway and they don’t deserve to be successful in the first place. 

Unfortunately, that story becomes strong enough to wipe them out of the game forever. 

What they don’t realize is, courage grows as we see evidence. Even when it accumulates by daily, microcosmic amounts. Every fragment of hope we stumble across is both real and useful. 

The question is, will we still be around when the world is finally ready for us? Will we treat fear as fuel in our tank to keep the story moving forward? 

Because talent isn’t what takes us to the top, refusing to go away is. Lasting longer than the people we hit the starting blocks with, that’s the only royal road to success. 

Indiana said it best. I’m like a bad penny, I always turn up.

Are you willing to believe the truth about yourself, no matter how beautiful it is? 
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