Sunday, February 21, 2016

Deliver something worth paying attention to

I was listening to an interview with a world renowned radio broadcaster, who attributed his success to doing things just differently enough to short circuit the system. 

That phrase really spoke to me. Because although he was speaking colloquially, it’s a really interesting concept to explore scientifically. 

In engineering, for example, a short circuit comes from an electrical current that bypasses the main line, travels along the unintended path, encounters very low resistance, results in a flow of excess energy, and within a few milliseconds, it becomes thousands of times larger than the normal operating current, often causing a fire or an explosion. 

What an exquisite analogy for business. Each one of us should strive to position ourselves in a way that short circuits the system. 

Let’s consider the language of basic electronics as a strategy guide. 

First, bypass the main line. Seek out virgin territory. Stand at the foot of the unblazed trail. Second, travel along the unintended path. Listen for unexpected opportunities. Don’t be religious about how you make your money. Third, encounter low resistance. Enjoy the freedom and space afforded to you. Go where there is no competition. Fourth, flow of excess energy. Leverage the momentum of your new environment. Take advantage of low labor intensity. Lastly, explosion. Use the event as a platform for growth. Build your brand into directions you never would have thought possible. 

Do things just differently enough to short circuit the system.

How are you delivering something worth paying attention to?

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