Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do these pants make my rut look big?

The world loves to tell us there’s no money, there’s no jobs and everybody is going bankrupt. 

The problem is, that script feeds perfectly into our sense of panic. It makes us small. It constricts our sense of possibility and closes our vision to the very opportunities that might actually earn us money. And then, that mindset restarts the cycle all over again. 

But make no mistake, there’s plenty of money. There’s plenty of work. Just not for people who are panic stricken. Consider this. Many of the most innovative companies in the world were born during times of scarcity:

Motorola. Xerox. Texas Instruments. General Motors. Intel. Southwest Airlines. Hewlett Packard. Revlon. Converse. Twinkies

Each of these businesses started during a down economy. Why? Because someone with an abundance mentality noticed an opportunity and said, wait, there’s money here. 

Proving, that while we might not able to increase our success, what we can do is increase is our field of vision, and that allows us to better notice the opportunities that lead to success. 

Do these pants make my rut look big? No, your attitude does. Mindset doesn’t affect outcome, but it does affect experience. 

What are the giants you need to slay to make your attitude what it needs to be?

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