Thursday, January 28, 2016

Compassion is the great counterweight of life

Just because you miss a day, doesn’t mean you’re a piece of shit. 

There’s no need to pull out the whip and start walloping yourself. 

Because for every act of exertion, there’s an equal and opposite moment of acceptance. That’s the true mark of a growing, deepening practice. And it’s a deeply liberating, relaxing and satisfying place to be. 

You’re disciplined, but you don’t have to beat yourself up. You’re focused, but you don’t have to be so hard on yourself. You’re committed, but you don’t have to be unkind to yourself. You’re intense, but you don’t have to stop loving yourself. And you’re productive, but you don’t have to worry about proving yourself. 

Once you arrive at that place, anything is possible. Or, if it’s not, that’s perfectly okay too. 

Compassion is the great counterweight of life. 

How do you balance exertion with acceptance in your daily practice?

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