Monday, December 07, 2015

Sifting through the mass of sand in order to find a nugget of gold

It’s easy to make things hard for ourselves. To approach innovation as an endless uphill battle. But the creative process doesn’t have to be as laborious and pressured as we make it out to be. 

Searls famously said in his manifesto that he’d been pushing large rocks for short distances up a lot of hills, for a long time. But then he inverted and started rolling snowballs down hills. And some ideas didn’t go very far, he said. But some got pretty big once they started rolling. Because each snowball grew as others ideas linked to it. And eventually, some grew big enough to have some impact. 

The question is, are you rolling snowballs down hills or pushing rocks up hills? If so, you might consider taking a different approach. One technique I find helpful in the innovation process to take average ideas and change them into better ones. It’s a tool for helping your brain inch onto the creative runway. And often times, it’s easier than wandering around hoping to chance upon a great idea. 

In fact, to help others put this into practice, I launched a new project called Steal Scott’s Ideas. Every week, I will publish a sample of ideas, some good, some bad, some borderline illegal, in the hopes that they will inspire my readers to improve them. To help people roll the snowball downhill, instead of pushing the rock up it. Because frankly, sifting through the mass of sand in order to find a nugget of gold sounds like a lot of work. 

But taking a piece of rock and mining it into gold, that’s doable.

How could you make your creative process less labor intensive?

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