Monday, December 28, 2015

Making the water come to you

With a well, you have go to the water. 

You trek an hour outside of town and lower the bucket into the ground and crank the pump in the hot sun and then schlep the heavy bucket of water back to your family without spilling a drop along the way. 

That’s one approach. 

And then there’s plumbing. You don’t go to the water, the water comes to you

What an innovative concept. You take advantage of the natural laws of gravity and pressure, combined with amazing technologies like pipes and toilets and sinks and tubs and faucets and valves and fixtures, and within seconds you have cold water to drink and hot water to bathe, while the dirty water flows far away from you. Ahhhh

And so, given the choice, assuming you were fortunate enough to have the choice, how would you prefer to get your water? By walking to the well, or by turning a knob? 

There’s no question. Every one of us would choose plumbing. And yet, when it comes to our businesses, when it comes to communicating our value to customers, most of us are still walking to the well. We’re still schlepping around town, carrying empty buckets to the marketplace and cranking the pump until we find customers, and it’s depleting us. 

Walking to the well is an outdated, labor intensive and expensive marketing model, and we owe it to ourselves to adopt a more intelligent approach to finding water for our businesses. 

Perhaps plumbing is the solution. Perhaps we could exploit the natural laws of business gravity and pressure. Meaning, we build a value forward platform that leverages the volume of our daily output, multiplied the originality of our creative voice, over the course of time, raised to the power of consistency, to help the market to target us. 

That’s how I’ve run my business for more than a decade. And every time I watch another colleague of mine schlepping over to the well, I think to myself, thank god for indoor plumbing. 

How could you make the water come to you?

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