Monday, September 28, 2015

Eyes Full Of Dreams -- Chapter 09: Higher Ground (2015) -- Scott Ginsberg Concert Documentary

Eyes Full Of Dreams is a musical and motivational masterclass about making use of everything you are. 

This film will be presented as a serialized, episodic documentary. I’m premiering each song as a stand alone chapter.

Watch the movie, buy the album and download the dream journal at

Higher Ground Move matters to a higher ground It’s the only game we play Be careful around Those strong enough to stay away Seeking out some second act problems It’s harder to think than pray The noise, it just toys with me The noise, it just toys with me Move matters to a higher ground Keeps me locked to sanity The past comes around In the muddy pools of memory Gobble up this hard but useful medicine From two am to infinity The noise, it just toys with me The noise, it just toys with me We will wreck some shop Until our bodies stop We will wreck some shop Until our bodies stop It’s better Not to dream alone Come together With them feet of stone

What's blocking your dreams?

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