Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Opinions are the only thing people pay for. Have them.

Thanks to the internet, the sum of all human knowledge is now free, instant, ubiquitous and accurate. 

And so, your value isn’t about information, it’s about context and perspective and judgment and process. Truth is, clients don’t want to know what you know, they want to know how you think

Meaning, your processes. The structures you place around yourself to make sure you get things done consistently. Meaning, your self talk. The questions you ask yourself to make sense of the world. Meaning, your personal standards. The values that make you feel fully alive when you honor them. Meaning, your limits. The boundaries that make you feel whole when you establish them. Meaning, your awareness plans. Mental recipes for perceiving and thinking about the environment around you. Meaning, your organizing principles. The frameworks which govern action and allow everything else in its proximity to derive value. 

As a consultant, I’ve had a number of clients who hired me to spend two hours on the phone with them, solely to answer questions about my thinking process. That was worth the price of admission for them. They weren’t interested in solving specific problems, they just wanted the opportunity to try on my brain. 

A good reminder that opinions are the only thing people pay for. Have them. You don’t need people to follow your social media, you need people to follow your thinking. 

How are you bringing intellectual capital to the table?

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