Friday, June 26, 2015

Everyone creates their own story about struggle

You can’t rush someone else’s journey. No matter how badly you want them to succeed, no matter how much you believe in their ambition, you still have to let them fumble, frustrate, flail, and even fail. 

When you jump in too early, too often and to intensely, you fractionize their experiences, rob them of valuable learning opportunities and prevent them from taking complete ownership over their own process. 

Whitman was right. Not you, not anyone else, can travel that road for them, they must travel it for themselves. 

When I think back to all the stumbles and strains and struggles of my journey, I’m grateful that I had cheerleaders, but I’m even more grateful that those people let me make my own mistakes. I made not have realized it at the time, but their restraint helped make me a more proficient and textured businessperson and artist. Had they not trusted me with trouble, I may not have procured the maximum amount of learning from my experiences. 

Proving, that all journeys are better with someone riding shotgun, just as long as that person isn’t grabbing for the steering wheel every five minutes. 

Are you robbing someone you love of the opportunity to hit their low?

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