Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Use the entirety of your inner life to serve your dreams

Jung was a proponent of taking the inner life seriously. 

He famously said that he always tried to make room for anything that wanted to come from within. In fact, that insight led him to rename and generalize what became known as the ego and the self, which became central to his theory of personality development. 

Similarly, our dreams require a uniting of our inner elements. Even the parts that scare us. Because if we are to make our dreams a reality, we have an obligation to use all the means at our disposal. To open the door to all of our feelings, moods, limitations, contradictions, pathologies, intuitions and fantasies. 

Historically, I’ve always had a highly active inner life. An imagination that charged and chumbled and churned. Even when I five years old, there seemed to be storm of thoughts forever blowing through my head. 

But thanks to the help of my teachers and parents and relatives and mentors, I began to learn how to channel those storms, converting rain into drinkable water, lightning into usable electricity, thunder into storable energy and wind into forward motion, so to speak. 

Thirty years later, the storm still rolls on, but now I have a high performance power plant inside of me that uses the entirety of my inner life to serve my dreams. 

I’m reminded of an interview I heard with a famous poker player, who explained that we all walk around with an incredible tool kit, building and building upon it, trusting that it will eventually be recognized and put to use. But the trick is, he said, instead of letting the tools rust, we keep employing them any way that we can until our dreams come true. 

Are you making room for anything that wants to come through you?

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