Monday, January 05, 2015

Tunnel of Love -- Full Movie (2014) -- Scott Ginsberg Concert Documentary

Tunnel of Love is a feature length concert documentary written, produced, directed and scored by Scott Ginsberg. The film explores the intersection of identity, belonging and creativity. Through live performances, playful and romantic exchanges, unexpected creative moments of conception and behind the scenes storytelling, Ginsberg’s film takes you on a heartfelt journey about what it means to be an artist, a romantic and an opportunist.

Watch the trailer. Meet the creators. Go behind the scenes. See the episode schedule. Download the discussion guide.

Here's the entire movie!


01. Alibi
02. Backbone
03. Cold Recover
04. Opening & Closing
05. Loss, Theft, Damage
06. Gentle Noises
07. Angels on the Rise
08. Stolen Away
09. Love is the Only
10. Sweetheart I'm Lonely For Your Arms
11. All Hearts
12. Crumble
13. Sweet Somethings
14. Home is the Place

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