Monday, December 22, 2014

Tunnel of Love -- Chapter 13: Sweet Somethings (2014) -- Scott Ginsberg Concert Documentary

Tunnel of Love is a feature length concert documentary written, produced, directed and scored by Scott Ginsberg. The film explores the intersection of identity, belonging and creativity. Through live performances, playful and romantic exchanges, unexpected creative moments of conception and behind the scenes storytelling, Ginsberg’s film takes you on a heartfelt journey about what it means to be an artist, a romantic and an opportunist.

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Tunnel of Love will be presented as a serialized, episodic documentary. The movie’s centerpiece is a live concert, so I’m premiering each song as a stand alone chapter. There are 14 songs in the concert, so the distribution timeline will occur over a period of 14 weeks, from September to December 2014.

Here's chapter thirteen:

SWEET SOMETHINGSPay ourselves in hope till silver crosses our palms
Take this poverty of vow
Squinting at the mirror just to see if it’s safe
It’s the stain that won’t wash out

Sweet, sweet somethings I
Repeat on this salty night
Sweet, sweet somethings I
Repeat on this salty night

Hanging all our fortunes not on chance
Making friends before we make requests
And we will go and eat the world if we can
To feed this starving artist bent

Set our palms against the stone
These two hearts are not alone
Protect us from what we want
All them statues shooting up
* * * *
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