Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Have You Mastered These Twenty Tools For Becoming Prolific?

A key part of the Prolific Framework is learning and employing a robust vocabulary of creativity. It’s a language that permits you to communicate with yourself and others about the creative process, helps you make sense of the otherwise ambiguous world of creativity, empowers you to speak a language that supports your intentions, and allows you to conceptualize and describe your experience of creating.

Today we're going continue building a working vocabulary of being prolific. Each definition comes with a link to a specific case study that shows the tool in action. Enjoy!

1.    Content detachment. The creator’s obligation to empty himself of any expectations, perceptions, hierarchies and value chains attached to his ideas.

2.    Creative kindling. A source of inspiration that reignites your original enthusiasm and the impulse that initially fueled your artistic energy reserve.

3.    Creative limbo. A lack of excitement around not having discovering something worth doing, an inability to turn yourself over to a new creative project.

4.    Digging your creative well. Accumulating ongoing reference files for your brain to work on through a passive, unconscious process.

5.    Early warning system. A personal seismograph that helps us take preemptive action against impending inner turmoil and anxiety.

6.    Identity based creation. Tapping into your native endowments and limitations of creativity, motivation, inspiration and intelligence and channeling them in the service of making your ideas happen.

7.    Incrementalism. Building a body of work based on a practice of patience, delayed gratification and continuity.

8.    Industrious revolution. The initial calorie burning experience of unpleasant and inconspicuous production that fortifies an artist’s appreciation delayed gratification.

9.    Integration. Employing the whole of your personality, talents, gifts and experiences to contribute the highest amount of value and firepower those around you.

10. Internal revolution. Updating the identity story you tell yourself after spontaneously doing something you didn’t realize you could do.

11. Mini sabbatical. The opposite of ambition, the antitheses of labor, in which you leave the creative land alone for a given period of time.

12. Pause buttons. A personal, portable toolbox of strategies for reducing the experience of anxiety on a moment’s notice.

13. Peripheral creation. The secondary activities of your creative process that involve more speed and less skill, i.e., editing and formatting or networking and billing.

14. Permissionless platform. An honest canvas where you can be completely free, expressing whatever you want, as loud you want, as much as you want, in the way that you want

15. Ritual of leave taking. Microstructures that celebrate the completion of a period of work, slow down the creative process and set healthy boundaries to demarcate the line between work and nonwork.

16. Selective indifference. Being discerning enough not to dwell on meaningless matters, conserving your best energies for your creative efforts.

17. Self organization. Some form of global order or coordination arises out of the local interactions between the components of an initially disordered system.

18. Stiletto moment. Concentrating our portfolio of talents into a tight little package that demonstrates the full firepower of our creative arsenal.

19. The shove. The decisive interaction in which a trusted friend eventufully compels and artist to make a key change or take a massive risk in their creative life.

20. Thievery muscles. Respectfully and ethically other people’s ideas as sparks to superimpose your own meaning and take the idea somewhere else, somewhere different, somewhere better, until the original idea can no longer be identified.

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