Thursday, August 14, 2014

7 Tools For Domesticating Your Creative Blocks

A key component to The Prolific Framework is learning and employing a robust vocabulary of creativity. It’s a language that permits you to communicate with yourself and others about the creative process, helps you make sense of the otherwise ambiguous world of creativity, empowers you to speak a language that supports your intentions, and allows you to conceptualize and describe your experience of creating.

As I continue to publish my moments of conception case studies, each of which deconstruct an inspiring scene from a popular movie, the glossary continues to expand.

Here are seven strategies for domesticating your creative blocks. Each terms comes with a case study from one of my favorite movies, depicting the vocabulary word in action:

1. Artistic withdrawal. The physiological readjustment required after we’ve been addictively working on a creative project for a while.

2. Centering sequence. A daily ritual that brings your brain up to operating temperature in order to run properly.

3. Centerprise. A tool that enlists unique aspects of your authentic personality to enhance your ability to sell, making the commerce component of art easier to swallow.

4. Meaning context. Making motivation significantly easier by reframing an activity as being existentially painful not to do.

5. Momentum device. An elegant excuse just to have ideas and validate the process with a sophisticated piece of office technology, building your confidence, commitment and competence.

6. Opportunity agenda. A form of second order imagination, it’s the inherent enterprise to notice creative opportunities, apply force and propel them into interesting directions.

7. Safety container. A space without circumference where judgment can’t enter, a free venue where ideas can run free without the scrutiny of readers, critics, editors and yourself.

Good luck, happy creating.

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