Sunday, June 01, 2014

How Strong Is Your Artistic Vocabulary?

My new project is called Prolific.

It's an intellectual property development system. The art and science of collecting, creating and communicating your ideas. And it comes with a new creative vocabulary.

I already shared part one and part two of the glossary, if you missed them.

Here's more...

Activist. Making a bargain with yourself to achieve a quota of creative usefulness so the workday does not go down in debt.

Disturbance. Well intentioned monkey wrenches that make your work emotionally provocative, constructively challenging and delightfully disturbing.

Firing blanks. A period of work in which you’re running on fumes, soaring past point of diminishing returns and need to reload the creative chamber.

Ignition sources. A tool that opens a creative window, broadens an artistic vista and sends you off to the creative races. 

Progress rich environment. Surrounding yourself with concrete evidence of progress to emotionally invigorate yourself and make you more inclined to take further action.

Promiscuity. Providing multiple entry points for your audience through a continuous, voluminous level of output.

Side door. Increasing output by expanding the definition, changing the context and lowering the threat level of your work.

Tourniquetting. Creating a healthy sense of distance from your work by damming up the creative flow, compressing the circulation and applying enough pressure so there’s an explosion waiting for you when you’re ready to return. 

Unprecedented dramatic device. An unexpected, selective emphasis that deviates from the conventional norm and introduces your audience to a previously fringe world. 

Victory dance. A small, customized reward that commemorates the fruits of your motivation and equips you to be what the moment requires.