Tuesday, June 24, 2014

20 Movie Clips About The Creative Moment of Conception

As a companion piece to The Prolific Framework, I've been building and publishing a series of case studies about the moment of conception, which is the single spark of life that signals an idea’s movement value.

If you haven't been following this blog for the past few months, each post contains a short video clip from one of my favorite movies, along with three creativity lessons we can learn from the characters.

Good news. I'm delighted to share that the reviews, comments, social shares and audience feedback for these case studies has been off the charts. I deeply appreciate everyone who reached out to share their thoughts and make suggestions for future clips. Fear not, there are 40 more of these case studies completed and queued up for publication:

In case you missed a few along the way, here is a list and links to the first 20 posts:

Moments of Conception 001 -- Coyote Ugly
Learn to stop resisting and start creating.

Moments of Conception 002 -- The Social Network
Learn to get the idea to ground zero.

Moments of Conception 003 -- Jerry Maguire
Learn to memorialize your process with a product.

Moments of Conception 004 -- Dead Poets Society
Learn to love what’s good for you.

Moments of Conception 005 -- The Pirates of Silicon Valley
Learn to steal ideas from everybody you meet.

Moments of Conception 006 -- A Beautiful Mind
Learn to respond with the right organ.

Moments of Conception 007 -- The Rainmaker
Learn to go fishing for inspiration.
Moments of Conception 008 -- Tommy Boy
Learn to initiate through anger.

Moments of Conception 009 -- As Good As It Gets
Learn to listen for what wants to be written.

Moments of Conception 010 -- Steve Jobs
Learn to restructure the system around constraints.

Moments of Conception 011 -- High Fidelity
Learn to know those in the know.

Moments of Conception 012 -- The Doors
Learn to get fresh fuel for your ideas.

Moments of Conception 013 -- Eight Mile
Learn to create the user interface for your brain.

Moments of Conception 014 -- What Women Want
Learn to leave people’s campsites better.

Moments of Conception 015 -- Patch Adams
Learn to sniff out resonant identities.

Moments of Conception 016 -- October Sky
Learn to build cognitive richness.

Moments of Conception 017 -- The Hudsucker Proxy
Learn to capture people’s imaginations.

Moments of Conception 018 -- Moneyball
Learn to walk in and create a problem.

Moments of Conception 019 -- Throw Mama From The Train
Learn to establish gentle flow.

Moments of Conception 020 -- Walk The Line
Learn to make the word flesh.

If you can think of a movie with an inspiring or interesting moment of conception, just email scott@hellomynameisscott.com and I'll be sure to give you credit when it's published.

Happy creating.