Saturday, February 01, 2014

Identity is a Luxury Item

I’m an identity junkie.

Few things fascinate me more than the formation, nuance, complexity and absurdity of why people are the way they are.

But something I’ve recently realized is, identity is a luxury item.

Not everyone is lucky enough to become who they are.

There are several variables, most of which are based on pure chance, that keep people’s true identities from being known to the world:

There’s the issue of history. You have to be born at a point in time where your natural talents match the available opportunities. Otherwise, the person you are won’t get a chance to blossom to its full capacity.

There’s the issue of environment. You have to be surrounded by people who encourage you to trust yourself and carve your own path. Otherwise, you’ll end up wearing a false self that hides you true nature.

There’s the issue of resources. You have to possess the means that enable the experiences that expose you to your core self. Otherwise, you’ll never plug in where you’ve been gifted to fit.

There’s the issue of exploration. You have to actively seek out what is your own, beyond what you’ve been taught. Otherwise, you’ll never find new, meaningful facets to add to your identity.

There’s the issue of introspection. You have value paying attention to the voices and forces within you. Otherwise, you’ll conform to the tastes of others, slowly losing parts of yourself that you can never get back.

It breaks my heart.

Everyone deserves to become who they are.

Who knew identity was such a blessing?