Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Contributing Meaningfully to People

I believe in a few things.

First, I believe in contributing meaningfully to the growth and well being of every person connected to me. Second, I believe the greatest contribution you can make to someone’s life is to help that person love themselves more.

Here’s what might work:

Instead of encouraging people to become more of what they are, empower them to become what they never thought they could be. Help them believe that something bigger is possible for them. They will love themselves more.

Instead of giving people a list of books to read, make a meaningful contribution to their cognitive life. Deliver insight in a way that it becomes fundamental to someone’s worldview. They will love themselves more.

Instead of demanding people change who they are into somebody different, invite them to channel who they are into something different. Help them see where they’re already successful and how to translate that into another arena. They will love themselves more.

Instead of being the voice of counsel, be the voice of vision. When you breathe the same air as someone and look them in the eye and say, I believe in you, talk about their future like it’s right around the corner. They will love themselves more.