Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Something That Shows People How We See Life

What counts as work these days?

Conceptualizing our next big idea, taking productivity seminars and going to the coffee shop to organize all of our material? That’s not work, that’s hiding.

Learning in public, doing book reports of other people’s research and dissecting our creative process? That’s not work, that’s studying.

Telling strangers they’re wrong for being who they are and prolifically sharing our thoughts about what other people are making? That’s not work, that’s trolling.

Basking in an echo chamber of adoration, playing inside baseball in a private hall of flattering mirrors? That’s not work, that’s narcissism.

Spending all afternoon perfecting our online profile, getting sucked into an ego vortex of google alerts and social media mentions? That’s not work, that’s dopamine.

Going back in time and reimagining, revising and relaunching something we made ten years ago? That’s not work, that’s jacking off.

The point is, all of these activities are wastes of creative energy. Addictions of the self. Spectator sports. Shadow careers devoid of blood and hunger and risk and daring and originality.

If we want to get on with the real work of making real art in the real world, we need to create something from whole cloth.

Something that’s ours. Something that shows people how we see life.

Otherwise, what we are doing?