Sunday, November 03, 2013

In Progress: Things I'm Making Right Now

I'm always making something.

Books, blogs, speeches, songs, training modules, concerts, podcasts, thinkmaps, brandtags, software, strategies, videos, notes, just to name a few.

But what about the works in progress? What about the exciting projects that aren't finished yet?

That's what this page is for. 

To remind you (and myself, I suppose), what's in the hopper. 

Now, although I can't give away too many juicy details––after all, the first rule of magic is containment––I'm always excited to share a preview of what's to come.

PROJECT #1: New Album

"Eyes Full of Dreams"

Album number seven should be done in the next few months. I plan to record it here in Brooklyn this summer. I also plan to release an electronic/dance version of each song on a follow up remix album.

PROJECT #2: New Books

"The Prolific Series"

As a follow up to my book Prolific, I have at least two new books in the series. The first is called, When In Doubt, Create, and the second is called, When In Doubt, Commit.

PROJECT #3: Web Applications

"Junkie Software"

A suite of single function software programs to help you become more prolific. You can learn more about these five applications here. What these software apps will become, there's no telling...

* * *
Anyway, that's what you can expect to be vomited out of me in the next year or so.