Wednesday, October 09, 2013

You Don’t Need More You

Introspection has interesting economics.

It’s our superpower for developing independent critical thinking skills, understanding ourselves better and deciding where we need to grow.

But after a while, introspection reaches a point of diminishing returns. And we end up sitting in a corner perfecting ourselves, trapped in our own heads, bouncing our thoughts off a thin wall, playing a never-ending game of inside baseball.

Sounds like a good time to stop introspecting and start interacting.

Humans, after all, understand the self in the context of other people. We regulate our emotions and understand the world by connecting with others. So if we truly want the highest understanding of who we are, eventually, we have to reach for someone else. When we co-create with someone, we expand our brain's repertoire and get new wiring out of it.

Aristotle said knowing ourselves was the beginning of all wisdom.

Perhaps knowing others is the rest of it.