Thursday, July 04, 2013

Don't Pull The Matrimonial Trigger Just Yet

"As soon as somebody says you’re spending too much time on something, you’re on the right track." When I was in high school, I spent every spare moment writing songs. Hours and hours and hours. To the point where my mom would have to flicker the basement lights on and off just to make sure I was still alive. Little did I know, those formative years laid the creative foundation from which my artistic empire was built. While all my friends were getting drunk and laid, I was preparing for the future. Totally worth it. Inspired by today's Lefsetz Letter.

"If you don’t act how you feel, you’re not a hypocrite, you’re an adult."  Dennis Prager's lecture makes a strong argument against authenticity. Yes, we should honor and express our feelings. Yes, we should communicate openly with each other. And yes, we should designate certain people to cleanse ourselves with. But we should also be mature. We should remember that negativity is the easy way out. And we should recognize that any asshole can be unhappy. Each one of us is accountable for our own happiness. Not just for the sake of our sanities, but out of respect for the people we see everyday.

"Either all the voices bulldoze us, or we spend our energy building a wall against all of them." Love this post from Storyline about art critics. It's a nice reminder that feedback is highly overrated. For real. I'd rather make whatever want, however I want it, basking in the joy of pure artistic freedom than waste time reading critic reviews in the hopes that taking their advice will make my work twenty percent better. Fuck getting better. Freedom matters more than improvement. Consider my fingers stuck in my ears. I'm staying on the side of the creators, where I belong.

"This urge to merge." I am, and have always been, marriage material. Commitment is my sword. Fidelity is my default. Monogamy my anti-drug. I think marriage is just plain cool, and I'm just glad I finally found the right person to share it with. In fact, I was close to getting married several years ago. But something inside told me not to pull the matrimonial trigger just yet. Close call. Inspired by the changing face of lesbian love.