Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time Ticks In A Really Weird Way

"Comedians are pastors who aren't lying." I've always appreciated a good preacher. Not from religious perspective, but as communicators and performers, those guys sure know how to deliver a message. When I used to drive across the country, one of my favorite rituals was scanning the radio dial for sermons from local congregations. I laughed. I cried. I took notes. I ran thought experiments. I even called in once, just for fun. Funny thing way, in most cases, the smaller the town, the more entertaining the preacher. Inspired by the podcast, You Made It Weird

"The sun has an economy." Heard this statement during a heated discussion on climate change. What a fascinating juxtaposition. Not just of words, but of ideas. I remember the first time my mentor asked me how my economy was doing. His question threw me for a loop at first, but eventually, I figured out what he meant. It's helpful when we treat everything as a system, with parts that need to be careful regulated and managed. Especially ourselves.

"Time ticks in a really weird way." I don't know if it's the city I live in, the world I work in or the life stage I exist in, but I've completely lost all sense of time. My clock is fucked. I'm not sure what day it is. I can't tell if time moves fast or slow. I barely remember my former life as an entrepreneur. And I don't know if I've been living in my neighborhood for two years or two decades. It's the strangest thing. Perhaps it's the byproduct of major life change. Or maybe I just need a new watch. Do people still wear watches?

"When the camera was invented, artists didn't just throw away their brushes and start taking pictures." Hopeful advice from the last of the great ad men. Proving that no matter how amazing our new technology is, we still need artists. We still need dreamers and wackos and painters and makers. After all the startups die and the gold rush comes to a grinding halt, art will be the only survivor. Thank god.