Monday, June 17, 2013

Forgiveness Is Not An Ability, It's A Vocation

"People that are like batteries to your creative endeavors." The ones who answer how with yes. The ones who spark your productivity by proximity alone. The ones who don't make you feel stupid for speaking up. I love these people. Thanks to them, instead of your ideas solely living and dying in your imagination, they're able to grow up and reach the world. Inspired by Kevin Smith's description of Scott Mosier.

"My personal hell would be standing in a humid room, listening to people not make decisions." Nothing infuriates me more than the idleness of the indecisive. Sweet merciful lord, somebody help these people. In fact, schools should teach this stuff. Not how to make a smart decision, but how to make any decision, and how to live with the result. Master this skill, and our country's productivity would triple in a matter of weeks. Inspired by tourists.

"Forgiveness is not an ability, it's a vocation." I genuinely enjoy forgiving people. It makes me feel good about myself. Especially in those mundane moments of stubbed toes and bumped shoulders. I try to say the phrase, "I forgive you," several times a week. It's good practice. Not unlike saying, "I love you," "Thank you" and "I'm sorry," it's a phrase that seeps into my conscience a little more each time. And after a while, saying it becomes second nature. Inspired by a sermon at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

"We are more than our worst things." We are better and bigger than our past. We will not organize our lives around our hurts and wounds. We refuse to stay fiercely devoted to whatever keeps us miserable. And we will keep our distance from those who remind us how we are no longer what we were. Inspired by Hopeful World.