Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dreams Always Bring More Questions Than Answers

"There's nothing sexier than not having an agenda." I'm not here to win. I'm not here to prove myself. I'm not here to be seen. I'm not here to get my name out there. I'm not here to be discovered. I'm not here to make money. I'm not here to network. I'm not here to create mutually beneficial relationships. Once I strip away all the striving, all the expectation and all the ego, it's amazing how attractive I become.

"If you want what he’s got, you can’t get it anywhere else."  This article on Steve Miller contains the true definition of value. Something exclusive, singular and scarce. The three most important words in business. And nowhere else. People don’t want duplicate happiness. When we offer them a one-time, limited edition, never before/never again moment that actually captures their imagination, we win their hearts forever.

"When you are gone I will miss your gentle noises." This cartoon about paper books becoming an endangered species makes me sad. I miss books. I mostly read digitally these days. And it kills me.  It's just not the same without paper. You can't smell a Kindle. A book is a device you can throw on someone’s desk and start a conversation. A book is a contract between writer and reader. A book is an old friend that meets you where you are. I hope they don't go away.

"It’s a long time for me to spend on something that means absolutely nothing." I could watch Jerry Seinfeld talk about his creative process until the cows come home. And I don't even have cows. And his comedy is brilliant, don't get me wrong. But his system for creating comedy is what blows my mind. Always by hand. Always with yellow legal pads. Always the little world he investigates to a great, high level. How is this not a graduate level course at art schools? Doesn't anybody realize that half of being funny is being organized?

"Dreams always bring more questions than answers." The first thing I do every morning is journal my dreams. It's a ritual I've practiced for many years. But I don't actually know anything about dream symbolism. Nor do I care to find out. I just write them down. Every day. And what happens is, I start to notice patterns. Certain themes reoccur in my dream life as certain things happen in my real life. It's spooky as hell. Like the one about getting to school at not knowing where my classes are? Usually shows up when I have a high level of stress. Academic anxiety. Noted. Definitely one of the best daily habits I got into.