Friday, April 12, 2013

Human Beings Are Built To Repeat Themselves

"Summon those innovation juices when you need them." Hugh Macleod takes us to the edges, where the best ideas happen. That's a huge part of my job at POKE. Taking clients to places they're scared to go at first, but once you get there, they're glad you took them there.

"Angels in a human guise, usually unrecognized." Cool article about singing sacred songs in secular spots. Very trojan horsey. The odds of me stealing that line and putting it into a song are very high.

"Crawl out from under the chaos and fly above it." Dylan gives the greatest interviews on the planet. They're weird, enigmatic and poetic. Like he's just toying with us the whole time. Just once I'd like to try that.

"Drugs and alcohol are not my problem, reality is my problem, drugs and alcohol are my solution." I love reading about drugs and addiction. It's fascinating to me. Which is strange, since I've been sober my whole life. But leave it to Russel Brand to say it perfectly.

"Human beings are built to repeat themselves." I don't remember where this sentence comes from, but I agree with it. I do a lot of research in my thinkmapping, and the first place I go is the past. The historical context surrounding the problem almost always contains the seed for the solution.