Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Art of Choreographing Attention

It’s not a nametag, it’s a magic trick.

Think about it. In the past thirteen years, I built a successful publishing and consulting enterprise out of nothing. Nothing. I authored dozens of books, did hundreds of interviews, published thousands of articles and got paid big money by big companies to travel around the world and share my story with millions of people, despite having no job experience, no resume, no credentials, and no legitimate expertise whatsoever.

And I can honestly say that, at any given point, I never knew what I was doing.

But nobody noticed. They were too busy looking at the nametag.

That’s magic. It’s the art of choreographing attention.

It’s not about deceiving people, it’s about distracting them. It’s not about duping the audience, it’s about misdirecting them. It’s not about dishonesty, it’s about capturing people’s imagination through selective perception. It’s not about sneaking up on people, it’s about transforming them through the power of the unexpected. And it’s not about manipulating people, it’s about wielding power through the advantage of being underestimated.

Master that, and you can get away with anything.