Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Set a Tone That Says Work Happens Here

Everybody needs a good on ramp.

A ritual that prompts a work mindset to start our day. A process that merges us into the real world and ensures our days have a cadence and rhythm. A routine that gets us in the mood, in the flow and in the zone so that by the time we actually hit the highway of life, we’re traveling at the same speed as traffic, and can navigate the road effectively.

In the past decade, I’ve tried a heap of helpful practices including morning pages, spiritual devotionals, daily appointments with myself, self-hypnosis, mindfulness incantations, pregame breathing exercises, hot yoga, meditation, and my recent favorite, subway karaoke, as variations of my on ramp.

Whatever works.

It’s less important what you do, and more important that you do it.

Not just for your own sanity, but for the sanity of the people you work with.

Set a tone that says work happens here, and let it ring.