Wednesday, January 02, 2013

How Are You Connecting The Disconnected?

Loneliness is a permanent feature of the human condition.

If you can find a way to remind customers that they’re not alone, that they’re not the only ones having an experience, and that the roller coaster isn’t as scary when you have other people to scream with, it will be hard to keep your name a secret.

Connecticut Working Moms wants the members of their community to feel more empowered, less guilty, less isolated and to realize that someone else feels the same way they do, so they built a digital confession booth. A destination where users can anonymously share the raw truth of their struggles, as their lives really are.

Dove Lewis Animal Hospital offers free support groups where owners can share stories to cope with the loss of a pet, along with art therapy workshops where first timers can learn from veteran members who have navigated, survived and even laughed about the grieving process.

Greenpoint Coworkers holds jellies, free coworking days where freelancers can leave their den of solitude and join a community of fellow independent professionals to work together for a day, bounce ideas off of, and have a structured, professional workday in a beautifully designed, naturally lit work environment.

How are you connecting the disconnected?