Monday, January 21, 2013

Does Your Brand Integrate With People’s Lives?

People will always value a brand if the experience of it adds something to their lives.

The problem is, too many companies fail to actually consider people’s lives when they make decisions. And as a result, their marketing is tolerated at best and loathed at worst.

Turns outs, it’s not about starting with the customer in mind, it’s about actually starting with the customer. It’s not about how they fit into your marketing plan, it’s about how you fit into their lives. It’s not about observing their behavior, it’s about becoming part of their society. And it’s not about you beating your chest about your product, it’s about people celebrating how your product fits into their world and how you enable them to use it better.

If you want to integrate your brand to fit into people’s lives, ask these questions.

How does this precisely complement people’s way of life?
 How do we put the product in the context of people’s daily world? 
How does this turning a painful process into a pleasurable practice?
 How is this an excuse to spend more time doing something mundane? 
How can we let technology enhance an experience from start to finish?

What idea, that people are convinced is dead, can we bring back to life? 
How do we create an experience that makes people believe in something again?
 How does this reward people for everyday interactions that they’re already having?
 What experience, that people avoided as a badge of honor, are they now obsessed with? What stories are people telling about themselves and how our product fits into it?

Think of it as developing a better conception of humankind.

Instead of waiting for customers to join your brand, try meeting them where they are and joining them first.