Monday, January 28, 2013

Brands That Momentize, Monetize

Let’s travel back in time.

Fifty years ago, everyday activities like landing on the runway, shopping for clothes, taking bread out of the oven or receiving a package from a friend, were just ordinary, fleeting experiences.

And then the world flipped.

Now, thanks to the beauty of technology, thanks to the connection economy and thanks to the new social norm of digital sharing, the concept of the moment hasn’t changed, but the shelf life of the moment has completed inverted.

What once disappeared like a fart in the wind now lasts forever.

And if we were smart, we’d dip our toes into that stream and ask one brave question.

What moment do we want to own?

In the daily life of our customer, what is the specific microexperience – be it emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually – where our brand intersects with the customer’s need and somehow improves their condition?

If we can pinpoint and own that moment, checkmate.

Brands that momentize, monetize.