Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Work Isn't Our Plight, It's Our Purpose

Work is more than a job.

It’s a daily routine that ensures our days have a cadence and rhythm of movement. It’s a center of belonging where we connect to the collective human heart. It’s a contribution to the world where we become productive members of society. It’s the prime means to express our sense of who we are.

It’s an outlet for coming alive through the pursuit of our ideas. It’s the thing we do to build a stable life. It’s a platform we use to do art, hone skills, build a reputation and make our mark on other people. It’s a holy arena for our highest self and a home for all of our talents. It is our necessity, our pleasure and our playground.

It’s where we channel our ambition and satisfy the most primal and sacred fundament of our being. It’s where we practice the act of dreaming, doing and finishing, getting straight to the heart of what it means to be a person. It’s what informs our sense of self and contributes to our identity.

What interesting is, a hundred years ago, almost nobody on the planet had a job.

But they still worked.

Because as human beings, work is the organizing principle of life. It’s the iron rod in the center. It’s the validation of our existence. Work encompasses all we do, paid and unpaid, throughout our lives. It’s an institution that’s a central feature of every stage of life.

And while it’s not the only thing there is to life, without it, we definitely feel like a big piece of our life is missing.

Work isn’t our plight, it’s our purpose.