Sunday, December 16, 2012

Impossible to Keep Your Name a Secret

It’s easy to do right thing when people are watching.

But keeping a promise when you could have gotten away with breaking it, taking the blame when you could have gotten away with shifting it, and telling the truth when you could have gotten away with hiding it?

That’s class.

Gearbox, a software developer, is one of the rare companies that painstakingly maps out detailed audio soundtracks to enhance their user’s virtual experience. Tons of of love and attention go into creating their games, and if you read any of their online forums or message boards, you’ll quickly learn how ecstatic their users are. According to one thread, the sonic architecture is so real, it sends chills down your spine.

The best part is, Gearbox doesn’t put in this extra effort to get ink or to justify charging more for the game. They do it because they’re craftspeople, pure artists, who care deeply about the value of their work, who put obsessive amounts effort into the art they do, because they love their users and they’re proud to see them enjoying the game they worked so hard on.

If you become known as someone who puts in a hell of a lot of hard work when nobody’s listening, watching or expecting, all in the name of service, all in the name of the people who matter most, towards a promise that’s big and useful enough, it will impossible to keep your name a secret.