Monday, December 10, 2012

Everything Has the Potential to be Interesting

Interesting ideas are the cornerstone of progress.

Frankly, if the idea isn’t interesting, we’re not interested.

Boring stuff never goes anywhere. It just sits there and laps up time, money and attention, traveling in a circle, never arriving at its destination, never quite succeeding, never quite failing.

And when innovation is the code, when outright invention is the future, there’s a certain responsibility to take the boring ideas, grab the by the lapel and figure out what would make them more interesting.

A few helpful questions to ask:

What about the fright factor? Ideas become interesting the moment they start to scare us. Think about what would make the idea riskier and more provocative. Set aside your stylistic inclinations try disrupting to the status quo.

What about the arc? Story satisfies our human need for narrative. Think about the metaphorical thinking behind the idea. Map out the idea in terms of characters, conflict, journey and resolution.

The point is, everything has the potential be interesting.

We just have to apply the right filter.