Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Caution, Designed to Get Better With Use

Once you have email, you want everyone to have email.

That’s why it works. It’s a product designed to get better with use. As the idea grows, it becomes more valuable. The more of your friends who sign up, the better it works for everybody.

And as the web evolves, we’re starting to see this trend in a number of industries.

Media streaming services get better the more they know about your interests. Gaming platforms unlock skills, levels and surprises the more you play. Search engines algorithms get more informed and accurate with every interaction. Social networking services are launching online art projects that grow more unique with every user interaction. Thermostats learn your schedule and program themselves the more you come and go. Speech recognition programs enhance language understanding with every word spoken. Adaptive learning technology better gauges student progress with every chapter.

It’s like denim jeans and leather boots, but more social.

For your next marketing push, before hawking your product to the users, try harnessing the collective intelligence of the users to make your system better.