Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Purpose of Online is to Get Offline

We don’t even have to leave the house anymore.

Next time we want to watch movies, play video games, check out a book, do some shopping, attend a seminar, conduct a meeting, take a class, get a job, find a date, do some research, cast our vote, get in shape, eat a snack, start a business, prospect for clients, send a package, join a club or tune into the game, we just fire up our laptop, whip out the smart phone, slap down a tablet, and make it happen.


And yet, despite the unparalleled possibility that technology can provide, I’m still kind of wondering when our hunger for life beyond the screen will swallow our addiction to convenience.

I’ve said it a million times, the purpose of online is to get offline.

If we never endeavor to communicate beyond digital, if we never connect to each other by more than just pixels, we fail to experience the truest, highest form of human interaction.

Get out of the house.