Friday, November 02, 2012

Platform Trumps Product, Or, Why I Love The App Store More Than Chocolate

God bless the app store.

It’s fast to download, seamless to install, easy to use, convenient to have, fun to explore, simple to navigate and priceless to own.

But what’s truly amazing, what most companies probably overlook, is that the app store has created nearly a half million new jobs since its inception.

That’s a platform, not a product.

And once more organizations accept that there’s no market for their scarcity, once they give people the privilege to become part of their history, and once they build a platform that makes it seamless for those people to express their truest selves, their brand will become a source of infinite opportunity for the people who matter most.

Next time you sit down with your team, ask a few of these platform questions:

How does this give people another reason to stop by? How can visitors browse an entire collection of experiences? How can we directly wire this into an existing online ecosystem? How do we make an event happen beyond the walls of the venue? How do we curate situations that bring discovery of cool new things? How can we give people a huge digital sandbox to play in?

How can we let people engage with the project as it’s being produced? How do we create a system that makes audiences equal members of the stage? How does this give users an addictive reason to keep revisiting and refreshing? How can we build a soapbox open to anyone and everyone as a place to speak their minds? How can we create a project that grows incrementally with each online interaction and reaction?
Surrender is the new control.

Let them express the magic in their hearts, not just spend the money in their wallets, and you’ll feel people power as wind at your back.