Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nudging the World in a Positive Direction

If we plan to earn people’s attention, we have to reward them for giving it to us.

After all, attention is the great commodity. It’s an asset to be protected, not a resource to be depleted. And it’s what every brand, every company, every organization, every website and every entrepreneur is killing themselves to obtain.

And because of that, because the chronic bombardment and high expectation for visual and visceral stimulation, customers are demanding that we justify their attention dollars every step of the way. That we repay them for participating in our brand.

But not in the typical way. This goes far beyond coupons, freebies and promos.

How are we helping people experience a joy that they don’t have in any other areas of their lives? How are we offering one time, limited edition, never before, never again moment that actually captures their imagination? How can we provide true exclusivity that they can get nowhere else? How are we, in a very small way, nudging the world in a positive direction?

Those are the real rewards.

That’s what brings people back.