Monday, November 19, 2012

How Does Your Brand Make People Feel Less Alone?

To belong is to feel at home.

And home, physical or otherwise, is the place where you are remembered, met with accepting eyes, welcomed with wanting arms and cherished for what you contribute; the place that embraces the weirdness you have to offer and gives you the freedom to use talents you might never exercise anywhere else; the place that makes you feel part of something most people can only dream of.

In short, home is the place where you don’t have to wonder if there are any other people in the world like you.

If you want to foster that sense of belonging with your employees, members, customers, users, or whoever else is conspiring to advance and influence your organizational ecosystem, here’s a formula worth exploring.

Our organization is a second home where people just happen to __________.

The missing word is your company’s primary service offering, whether it’s work, practice, worship, relax, drink, watch, swim or sweat.

But the key to this equation is the phrase just happen.

Because what you physically do is irrelevant compared to what you symbolically do, which is create a home, a center of human belonging, that helps us feel less alone.