Friday, November 30, 2012

Champion Company Cause Through Customer Bravery

Most brands are just beating their chests.

Bragging about their organic ingredients, posturing about their benevolent charity efforts, yammering about their innovative technology, posturing about their third round of funding and raving about their company culture.

Good for them.

But if they’re so great, whey don’t they make their customers feel great?

Smart brands champion their causes through other people’s feats and bravery.

Undroppable is a campaign and documentary that features students who graduate against great odds. These rock stars were given a media platform to share their stories, a chance to engage with the film as it was being produced and permission to change the conversation around education at all costs.

And by allowing their brand to become a witness to people’s lives and a stand for their greatness, the world stood up, took notice and took action.

Take that, Tarzan.