Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's Your Brand's Baker's Dozen?

It started out as an insurance policy.

By adding one additional cookie to the order, bakers protected themselves against accidentally short weighting customers, paying severe government fines, losing a hand to an axe, having an ear nailed to their shop door and becoming known around town as a dishonest businessman.

Of course, that was seven hundred years ago.

Now they call it a baker’s dozen because they care.

Because that one extra cookie, that one purposeful, tactile expression of effort, which only rounds out to about eight percent extra dough, is worth giving away to the customer as a thank you for spending their dough on the first twelve.

What’s your brand's baker’s dozen? What meaningful, memorable and meditated bonus do you offer at the end of every transaction?

It doesn’t have to be about labor and time, just intention and attention.

That’s the only insurance policy your brand needs.