Tuesday, October 09, 2012

What Does Your Brand Take Out of the Equation for Customers?

Smart companies take something out of the equation for people.

Not immeasurable elements like friction, time, energy, work, risk, taboo, fear, embarrassment, inconvenience, complexity, stress, guesswork, legwork, hassle, frustration, pain and mystery.

They actually delete something measurable, visible and tangible. Something annoying and big enough that customers wouldn’t just notice if it were gone, but would be delighted to find out it’s gone, excited to tell people it’s gone, and inspired to come back, again and again, just for the experience of not have to deal with it.
What if your bank took deposit envelopes out of the equation? What if your restaurant took ordering out of the equation? What if your store took waiting in line out of the equation? What if your product took instruction manuals out of the equation? What if your software took installation out of the equation?

Instead of wasting resources to marginally improve something that customers are always going to hate anyway, why not scrap it from the process entirely, then spend your money bragging about how you’re the only company around who doesn’t have it?

Cut through the tradition that’s getting in the way of the product. 

Break a few rules that don't exist.

Shatter a cultural taboo and send some shockwaves through society.