Sunday, October 28, 2012

Treat Them Like a Client, Even Before They Become One

Here’s a generosity experiment worth trying.

Treat someone like a client, even before they become one.

No need to break the bank, give away the intellectual farm or collapse your entire agenda on moment’s notice. You still have to rational and realistic.

But just this once, just for fun, act as if the prospect you hope to land is already a paying client, someone who likes, trusts and believes in your value.

Not to create a sense of indebtedness. Not to crate social pressure to reciprocate.

Just to see how powerful generosity really is.

And yes, there’s always the possibility that potential clients will agree to meet with you, ask a thousand questions, take copious notes, act like they’re going to hire you, then have a staff person do the work instead and never call you back because they might need to exploit you again in the future.

But it’s also possible that prospects will be so floored by your ideas, so wowed by the generous spirit in which they were delivered, that they almost won’t know how to react to such a act.

Are you providing value in advance of a purchase?